On the Path to a Science of Patient Input

In an April 2016 article published in Science Translational Medicine, FasterCures’ Margaret Anderson, executive director, and K. Kimberly McCleary, managing director, find that momentum is building to incorporate patient preferences into the biomedical R&D system so that products and services better align with patient needs, improve individual and public health and reduce time and spending on unproductive care. They track more than 70 collaborative initiatives clustered in six categories that are defining and shaping a developing field: the science of patient input.

Table of Contents


Who's on First?

Forming Solid Platforms: Frameworks and Models

Solidifying the Science: Methods and Toolkits

Anecdotal to Actionable: Sources of Patient Data

Building a Culture of Engagement: Regulatory and Legislative Activities

Building Cadres of Equipped Patients and Practitioners: Training Programs

Measuring Progress: Metrics

Today's Landscape and Beyond

References and Notes