Integrating the Patient Perspective into the Development of Value Frameworks

Published: March 2016

There has been growing concern about increased health-care spending, which has spurred activity around appropriate ways of assessing the value of treatment options. In addition to the challenges this poses to individual patients, payers and product developers alike, patient advocacy groups face a dilemma: they want to support new innovations that will help their constituents, but they also want to make sure that the value of these new treatments are based on criteria that matter to patients and that patients will be able to afford them.

Several organizations have recently developed or intensified their development of frameworks that attempt to objectively assess the value of individual therapies and other health-care services. However, most of them were not created with significant input from patients or patient organizations to their models or definitions of value. FasterCures has long been engaged in work that strives to bring the patient perspective to the medical research and development process and, in partnership with Avalere, is committed to developing the first value framework that truly includes patient perspectives and addresses individual patient value considerations.

The health-care system needs new tools and frameworks to:

  • help providers and patients assess the value of different therapy options based on their specific perspectives and needs,
  • allow public and private purchasers to better guide patients to the right health plans and services within those health plans, and
  • aid pharmaceutical and medical device companies to appropriately target and price their therapies.

Avalere and FasterCures held a workshop at FasterCures’ 2015 Partnering for Cures meeting to discuss the growing trend of creating value frameworks and determine what is still needed in this area. The workshop’s audience—primarily made up of patients, patient advocates and pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers—uncovered three key gaps and challenges in existing value frameworks. First, participants strongly expressed that the patient voice is largely lacking from current value frameworks, and there is an imminent need to develop a framework that considers the patient perspective on value. Second, participants felt that patient value considerations need to be thoroughly understood and assessed. Finally, to create a robust and viable framework that addresses the patient’s value perspective, all major stakeholders need to be involved in its development.

As a follow-up to the workshop, this report serves as a call to action regarding how to move forward to address these timely issues. To lay groundwork, we first provide an overview of these existing, newly developed value frameworks. We then outline key findings from the workshop geared toward refining five key value considerations from the patient’s perspective. We conclude by presenting an action plan for developing a patient-perspective value framework.


Table of Contents


Overview of the Approaches Taken by Newly Developed Value Frameworks

Workshop Results: Conceptualizing and Refining the Patient Perspective on Value

What Next? Ensuring the Patient Voice is Solicited and Integrated: Developing a Patient-Perspective Value Framework