The NIH Intramural Research Program Task Force Report

In 2007, FasterCures organized a Task Force under the leadership of its board member David Baltimore to examine how to strengthen the mission and impact of the NIH Intramural Research Program. Given the likelihood of constrained budgets and limited opportunities for expansion of NIH’s research programs in the near future, it is especially critical that NIH make the best and most efficient use of the IRP, one of its most valuable resources. The FasterCures Task Force was convened to recommend to the incoming Administration a framework within which to refresh the IRP, giving it a distinct mission and identity. This mission is three-fold:

  • to focus on translational research and training, especially work that utilizes the unique capabilities of the NIH Clinical Center;
  • to be prepared to respond to new opportunities and challenges; and
  • to focus on complex, long-term, innovative basic research goals that would be difficult to pursue in the extramural environment.

By January 2009, the Task Force released its recommendations, and called for a New Mission and more strategic Focus for the National Institutes of Health Intramural Research Program.