The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network (TRAIN)

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Big, transformative ideas in medical research are coming from small but mighty patient-driven foundations.

The way they fund and find research are bucking traditional processes. The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network (TRAIN) is a FasterCures program that convenes dozens of forward-thinking foundations to learn from each other and share their novel solutions with the rest of the
medical research system. Visit the TRAIN Website »

Our goal is to:

  • encourage more entrepreneurial philanthropy in medical research
  • build more and better networks between patient foundations and other R&D stakeholders
  • enhance the influence of patient foundations on policy issues impacting the R&D system

Apply to have your organization be apart of the research acceleration and innovation network. Apply Now »

Participating Organizations

Collaborative, mission-driven, results-oriented, and strategic in their use of capital, the participating organizations of TRAIN are motivated solely by moving promising therapies from the laboratory bench to the patient's bedside as rapidly as possible - even those that do not directly fund therapy development. Supporting translational research is a critical part of their mission. Meet our TRAIN organizations »

TRAIN Central Station

The online platform for TRAIN groups and other medical research innovators to share best practices, exchange ideas, and find relevant tools and resources.


A first-of-its-kind inventory designed to help potential collaborators better understand the landscape of nonprofit disease research foundations and engage in meaningful partnerships with them. Using a set of common metrics, it highlights key details about each organization's research portfolio, collaboration efforts, and financials.


FasterCures holds monthly Webinars on a range of issues that impact medical R&D - from innovation at the NIH to regulatory science, crowdsourcing data challenges to patient-centered research networks, and many more. These hour-long virtual panel discussions are an efficient means to spotlight an emerging issue, a best practice/model, or a new policy.


A free monthly electronic newsletter that shares best practices from TRAIN participating organizations and news relevant to the venture philanthropy community. Subscribe »


An intensive day-long learning experience for about 50 participants focused on addressing a shared systemic or cultural obstacle that is slowing down medical progress across diseases.

Learn more about FasterCures' TRAIN Program and contact Kristin Schneeman, Director, Programs