Rx for Innovation: Recommendations for the New Administration

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Biomedical innovation is vital to America's health and economic well-being. However, these benefits, and U.S. leadership in the life sciences, did not happen by accident and are not guaranteed to continue indefinitely.

Decades of federal commitment to funding biomedical research and promoting innovation through policy are responsible for the benefits we see today. The president will need to lead in this area and construct policies to maintain the system’s strength and productivity.

For this project, we engaged our unique network of stakeholders across the R&D ecosystem. Specifically, FasterCures staff interviewed more than 150 thought leaders across eight sectors. We combined insights from the interviews, discussions from a working session in Washington of health policy leaders and feedback received via our Web site to identify ideas for how to propel biomedical innovation forward. The Rx for Innovation report, prepared and authored by the FasterCures policy team, presents our recommendations for how the administration can translate the ideas we heard into meaningful action.

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Read our 2-page summary and download our full report