Value & Coverage

Screen Shot 2015 12 17 at 2.05.52 PMFasterCures is working to foster a reimbursement environment that incentivizes innovation and ensures life-saving therapies are accessible to patients and create opportunities for patient perspectives to inform coverage decisions.

Even if we are successful at getting new treatments through the R&D and approval process, the question remains whether payers - including the federal government - will be willing to pick up the tab for them. When it comes to the issue of value and coverage for medical innovations, the medical research community is in search of a better understanding of the evidentiary standards that payers consider when reimbursing treatment and care. 

Who determines value and what informs that determination are vastly unclear but have large implications for both the cure and care ecosystems. This program explores the role medical research stakeholders, including patient groups, could and should play in providing a framework for an informed discussion about health care coverage decisions.


  1. Educate patient-focused foundations about the evolving coverage landscape – the issues, players and programs that could impact patient’s access to specific therapies.
  2. Demonstrate the value that medical research stakeholders, including patient groups, can bring to the conversation about value and coverage.
  3. Provide a learning environment for key stakeholders in the care and cure enterprises who are trying to develop creative solutions to ensure reimbursement policies continue to support medical innovation.
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