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This online library aims to help users find a variety of annotated resources about patient engagement to help them launch patient-centered efforts, enhance existing programs or identify where more work is needed. To suggest an item to be included, contact Taylor Cusher of FasterCures here.

Assessing the Financial Value of Patient Engagement

Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI)

CTTI evaluated the impact of patient engagement on expected net present value (ENPV) of a typical oncology development program to...

Clinical trials

The Use of Social Media in Recruitment to Research: A Guide for Investigators & IRBs

Harvard Catalyst Regulatory Foundations, Ethics, and Law Program

This guidance document is to facilitate the use of social media as a valuable recruitment tool in ways that are...

Clinical trials

Recommendations for patient engagement in guideline development panels: A qualitative focus group study of guideline-naïve patients


Authors present recommendations emerging from an AHRQ-funded study of how to engage patients/consumers in panels developing guidelines for clinical care.

Clinical trials

Capturing the Value of Patient Engagement: Summary of Results of the 2016 Study Quantifying the Adoption and Impact of Patient-Centric Initiatives


Results of a 2016 study of 22 biopharmaceutical companies' initiatives to engage patients and patient organizations across a wide variety...

Clinical trials

A short guide to successful patient involvement in EU-funded research

Innovative Medicines Initiative

A practical guide on how to involve patients across all stages of healthcare research aimed at people writing applications for...

Clinical trials Patient organizations Patient focused drug development

RARE Toolkits

Global Genes

Provides information and emerging best practices on a variety of topics related to living with a rare disease and rare...

Clinical trials Patient organizations Patient focused drug development

Dialogue / Advancing Meaningful Patient Engagement in Research, Development, and Review of Drugs

National Health Council and Genetic Alliance

This paper summarizes recommendations generated during a 2015 workshop   attended by stakeholders from across sectors, including government, patient organizations,...

Clinical trials Patient organizations Patient focused drug development Training

Patient Engagement Mapping

Patient Focused Medicines Development

The PFMD mapping tool is a user-populated platform that categorizes and maps existing initiatives and frameworks to provide a snapshot...

Clinical trials Patient organizations Patient focused drug development