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Source: DIA

This online library aims to help users find a variety of annotated resources about patient engagement to help them launch patient-centered efforts, enhance existing programs or identify where more work is needed. To suggest an item to be included, contact Taylor Cusher of FasterCures here.

Patient Engagement Study


The executive summary and study results of a DIA effort to capture the value of patient engagement.

Capturing the Value of Patient Engagement: Summary of Results of the 2016 Study Quantifying the Adoption and Impact of Patient-Centric Initiatives


Results of a 2016 study of 22 biopharmaceutical companies' initiatives to engage patients and patient organizations across a wide variety...

Clinical trials

Visual Model of Patient Engagement in Benefit-Risk Assessment through the Medical Product Life Cycle


This visual model was created by participants at a DIA conference depicts how patients across the full spectrum of biomedical...

Patient focused drug development