Patients Count


For too long, patients’ unmet medical needs have been an afterthought, rather than a starting point, for developing medical products that address their priorities and deliver value to the health-care system. FasterCures aims to improve health by driving adoption of methods by which patients’ perspectives shape processes for discovering, developing and delivering medical products and services.

We do this by:

  • expanding the capacity of academics, industry and patient organizations to build upon the science of patient input
  • fostering patient-centric policies and practices that enable greater patient participation in decision-making
  • advancing the dialogue on the benefits of patient-centricity across the medical product lifecycle

We have advanced the science of patient input by:

  • tracing the roots of the science of patient input in a Science Translational Medicine article in June 2015 and providing the first landscape of the field in that same journal in April 2016
  • hosting workshops of key opinion leaders across research and development (R&D) sectors to advance dialogue in areas that need patient-focused solutions, such as evaluation of benefit and risk as well as the value and coverage of medical products, and documenting emerging best practices for patient engagement
  • creating a one-stop shop of resources for stakeholders from across the R&D ecosystem to find the latest information about and find partners for patient engagement through reports, publications, resource libraries and an online network of patient-focused foundations

Initiatives include: