Collaboration 2.0

The objective of the Collaboration 2.0 program aims to tackle the ever-increasing complexity of medical innovation through a biomedical R&D ecosystem that routinely harnesses collective power and shares knowledge and experiences among diverse stakeholders.

We do this by:

  • enhancing efficient and effective R&D collaboration through sharing and generating resources 
  • catalyzing collaboration by providing platforms for multi-sector interaction
  • identifying new areas in need of collaborative innovation

Initiatives include:

  • Consortia-pedia: a project to better understand how consortia have effectively brought together partners with a shared R&D goal
  • The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network (TRAIN): a platform that convenes dozens of venture philanthropies to learn from each other and share their novel solutions with the rest of the medical research system
  • University-Foundation Relations: a project that builds relationships and bridges gaps in understanding between academic research institutions and patient foundations

We have advanced cross-sector collaboration by: