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FasterCures and Avalere embark on a journey to create health-care’s first true patient-perspective value framework

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April 14, 2016

WASHINGTON—A new Avalere and FasterCures report announces a joint action plan to bring thought leaders together to create a model for assessing the value of different therapies from the view of patients. Building on other efforts, the framework will support shared decision making between patients and clinicians regarding their most challenging healthcare choices and support a patient-centered approach to public and private payer policies around value assessment. 

As the health-care sector moves toward value-based care, there is a growing imperative for all health-care stakeholders—including payers, providers and pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers—to appropriately assess the value of different therapy options for patients, especially with regard to their personal values and needs.

In this context, various organizations, such as the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and Memorial Sloan Kettering, have recently published frameworks with which to assess the value of different therapies. Such models are swiftly gaining recognition and uptake. For example, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’  recently proposed Part B Drug Payment Model suggests using frameworks such as ICER’s to ensure that drug payments line up with patient outcomes.

However, a workshop held by FasterCures and Avalere in November 2015—attended by an audience of largely patients/patient advocates and life sciences representatives—uncovered an urgent need for a value framework that better elicits and assimilates the patient perspective and that can be used to address individual patient value considerations. 

FasterCures and Avalere have released a report that outlines a plan to address this gap in the market. Specifically, the report:

  1. Provides an overview of existing value frameworks and gaps with regard to the patient voice
  2. Outlines five key value considerations from the patient’s perspective, as discussed and refined in the workshop
  3. Presents FasterCures’ and Avalere’s action plan for developing a patient-perspective value framework

The full report is available here.

Broadly, our action plan for creating a patient-perspective value framework involves:

  1. Convening key stakeholder groups to provide input to the development of a robust value framework that addresses the patient perspective on value.
  2. Developing the patient-perspective value framework by both leveraging existing Avalere work and collecting new input from stakeholders on: framework ideas/core criteria, barriers and solutions, therapies for inclusion, appropriate use cases for piloting and the patient voice.
  3. Vetting the framework through a rigorous, patient-centered methodological process and gaining consensus among all key stakeholders. 
  4. Piloting the framework by soliciting public input, developing a strategy for piloting the framework across different therapies and use cases and rolling out the final framework and announcing pilots during the fall of 2016.

We are actively recruiting participants for this effort, ranging from patients/patient advocates, care givers, providers, payers and pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. The equal involvement of a diverse range of stakeholders is key to ensuring that the framework is appropriately vetted and adopted for a range of use cases. One primary use case for this framework will be for patients and providers to use in the clinical setting when assessing the value of different treatment options. However, we envision that the framework development and eventual piloting process will define use cases beyond shared decision making, such as its use by public and private payers in evaluating the value—as defined from the patient’s perspective—of specific therapies, procedures, diagnostics and other health-care services.

To learn more about our initiative, timeline and how you can get involved, please contact Josh Seidman, senior vice president at Avalere Health at


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