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Partnering for Cures Gathers Hundreds of Medical Research Leaders

Forging Partnerships and Finding Solutions for Patients


NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - November 02, 2015) - More than 700 medical research leaders from around the world met today in New York City with a singular goal: to reduce the time and cost of getting new therapies from discovery to patients. Convened by FasterCures, a Washington-based center of the Milken Institute, senior government officials, patient advocates, scientists, major investors, industry CEOs and philanthropists came together to share their novel research models, and find the partners needed to advance them.

"The biomedical research paradigm has changed," said Margaret Anderson, executive director of FasterCures. The innovation connectivity sweeping the world is showing us a path forward. That and just plain bold, disruptive, and tenacious efforts by everyone in the system."

Francis Collins, M.D., director of the National Institutes of Health, noted, "We are at a remarkable moment in biomedical research, where we're figuring out the fundamentals -- how life works and how disease occurs. Now we need to turn this opportunity into medical advances -- health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment of illness when it strikes."

Recognition of the growing demand for patient input echoed across the meeting. The healthcare establishment, which has been slow to accept that personal data have value for research, is beginning to embrace elements of the consumer revolution, and find effective ways to more meaningfully integrate patient perspectives into drug development and regulatory decision-making.

Dana Ball, Executive Director and Co-Founder of T1D Exchange and CEO of Unitio, Inc., remarked, "There is now substantial evidence about what patients need, where they see value, and what they're willing to pay for."

Punctuating the value of patient engagement and cross-sector collaboration, FasterCures today released the following new resources:

  • Consortia-pedia FasterCures analyzed more than 400 medical research consortia around the globe, and found that they address 165 diseases and engage 3,000 unique sponsors and partners. Nearly half of those consortia develop tools, 94 of them conduct biomarker research, and 135 engage in data sharing. These consortia include collaborations such as the more than $5 billion Innovative Medicines Initiative, the National Institutes of Health-driven Accelerating Medicines Partnership, and the pre-competitive Biomarkers Consortium. Find this first-of-its-kind free, searchable, online resource at
  • The Power of Ideas - Fifteen compelling essays that include David Panzirer's candid take on why he's determined to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes, Anne Wojcicki's vision of what it means to have a consumer-driven healthcare revolution, and Tom Insel and Kafui Dzirasa's insights on redefining mental illness. This collection of big ideas will deliver a good dose of optimism grounded on innovation, resiliency and purpose.
  • Patients Count: the Science of Patient Input - Learning from health economics, marketing and engineering, a new science of patient input has emerged, one that embraces data as a means for measuring patient-centered outcomes and quantifying patient preferences. Today, FasterCures released From Anecdotal to Actionable: The Case for Patient Perspective Data, which presents a model for advancing the collection and application of Patient Perspective Data, along with initial ideas for how such data might inform drug development and regulatory processes.

Held at the Grand Hyatt New York, Partnering for Cures is open to the public and to members of the media (registration is required). For general registration information, go to of the press may apply here to receive complimentary registration.

The Partnering for Cures meeting consists of panels on hot-button issues, presentations about compelling personal experiences, facilitated working sessions, town hall-style sessions, informal conversations among creative innovators, and more. Watch videos of today's sessions and check out tomorrow's program at

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