Public comments

06/12/2018 - FasterCures Applauds FDA’s Efforts to Advance Medical Product Communications

02/15/2018 - FasterCures praises efforts to modernize FDA drug review programs

02/14/2018 - FasterCures Comments on the FDA’s Patient-Focused Drug Development Discussion Documents

08/03/2017 - FasterCures commends bipartisan support of FDA Reauthorization Act

06/12/2017 - FasterCures Comments on the Proposal to Create an Office of Patient Affairs at FDA

05/09/2017 - FasterCures Congratulates Scott Gottlieb’s Confirmation as FDA Commissioner

04/04/2017 - FasterCures’ Comments on Proposed Updates to the ICER Value Framework

03/10/2017 - FasterCures supports Scott Gottlieb as FDA commissioner

12/07/2016 - Congress Passes 21st Century Cures Act, Bringing Forth New Era for Biomedical Innovation

12/01/2016 - A letter of support for the 21st Century Cures Act

11/30/2016 - FasterCures Comments on MDUFA IV Commitment Letter

11/29/2016 - Letter of support for the 21st Century Cures Act

09/13/2016 - FasterCures Comments on ICER’s National Call for Proposed Improvements to its Value Assessment Framework

08/23/2016 - FasterCures Comments on PDUFA VI Commitments Letter

06/09/2016 - FasterCures applauds U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee’s work to include $2 billion increase for the NIH

05/09/2016 - FasterCures Comments on Proposed Medicare Part B Drug Payment Model

02/24/2016 - FasterCures praises Dr. Califf's confirmation as FDA commissioner

02/08/2016 - FasterCures Comments on Senate Innovation Agenda

01/06/2016 - FasterCures Comments on Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects

11/20/2015 - FasterCures Comments on reauthorization of FDA's Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA-VI)

11/18/2015 - A letter applauding bipartisan support for Dr. Robert Califf

10/27/2015 - A Letter of Support to urge swift confirmation of Robert Califf as FDA Commissioner

08/17/2015 - FasterCures comments on FDA's Patient Preference Information

07/15/2015 - Maureen Japha's oral comments to PDUFA Reauthorization Public Meeting

07/13/2015 - Kim McCleary's oral comments to MDUFA Reauthorization Public Meeting

04/29/2015 - Draft 21st Century Cures bill continues to elevate the role of patients

02/23/2015 - FasterCures Comments on Innovation Report

02/13/2015 - FasterCures Comments on the 21st Century Cures Discussion Document

12/04/2014 - FasterCures Comments on FDA Activities for Patient Participation in Medical Product Discussions

11/12/2014 - FasterCures Proposal to the House Energy & Commerce Committee

06/25/2014 - FasterCures Comments on the 21st Century Cures Initiative


03/28/2014 - FY 2015 House Appropriations Committee Public Testimony

03/20/2013 - United for Medical Research statement on FY14 appropriations for NIH

03/20/2013 - Margaret Anderson's written testimony to House Appropriations Subcommittee regarding FDA

03/15/2013 - Margaret Anderson's written testimony on FY14 House Appropriations Subcommittee regarding NIH

07/18/2012 - FasterCures Comments on the IRS's proposed rule for examples of program-related investments

05/07/2012 - FasterCures Comments on ONC's EHR Standards and Certification Criteria Proposed Rule (2014 Edition)

03/29/2012 - FasterCures Comments on HHS's National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease

12/06/2011 - FasterCures comments on the National Bioeconomy Blueprint

02/25/2011 - FasterCures submits comments on Stage 2 of meaningful use

02/04/2011 - FasterCures sends letter in support of the newly announced National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences at the NIH