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So You Want to Start a Master Protocol Trial…


“Master protocols” (including platform trials, umbrella trials, and basket trials) are defined as protocols designed to answer multiple questions within the same overall trial structure. These efforts are being heralded as the pathway to less costly and more efficient clinical trials – but they are complex and often challenging to run. Patient organizations are increasingly interested in these models because they are disease-focused (rather than product-focused) and can have several positive benefits for patients. Other stakeholders are interested in engaging patient groups as partners because they can bring patient insight and participation to the table, as well as potential financial support to build the infrastructure. 

This webinar will focus on the challenges and opportunities of master protocols from the perspective of patient organizations. What lessons have been learned by those who have launched existing trials with this model? What outcomes have they achieved thus far? Join us as we discuss these questions and more to explore how master protocols could have the power to improve biomedical research and development.


  • Louis DeGennaro, President & CEO, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Lisa LaVange, Professor and Associate Chair, and Director, Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center, Department of Biostatistics, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina
  • Victoria Manax, Chief Medical Officer, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
  • Anna Barker, Co-Director, Complex Adaptive Systems; Director, National Biomarker Development Alliance; Professor, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University (moderator)