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Nonprofits: Innovators in Preclinical Drug Development


Moving a therapeutic from the bench to the bedside is wrought with challenges, with a substantial bottleneck occurring during the translation of scientific discoveries into clinic-ready drugs. These difficulties are compounded by the high risk of this stage of development and resulting low investment. What is driving these challenges and who is best suited to support this part of the process?

In this webinar, the Center for Strategic Philanthropy and FasterCures team up to identify these challenges and explore how nonprofits are advantageously poised to tackle them. Through this session, we will highlight fresh and innovative models adopted by some venturous nonprofit organizations, and engage the participants on how to spark the development of new therapeutics for patients.

Speakers include:

  • Debra Miller, CEO and Founder, CureDuchenne 
  • Shobha Parthasarathi, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Business Development, Harrington Discovery Institute
  • Carol Routledge, Director of Research, Alzheimer’s Research UK
  • Kirstie Keller, Senior Associate, Center for Strategic Philanthropy, a center of the Milken Institute (Moderator)