Philanthropy Advisory Service


PAS counsels philanthropists, family offices, wealth advisors, and foundations on how best to make strategic and informed investments biomedical research.


Who we are

We provide comprehensive, digestible information that helps philanthropists evaluate research efforts and funding opportunities in various disease areas. Scientific advisory boards, in-depth due diligence, and an objective framework for evaluation shape our analysis. With input from leading experts, we design custom offerings to assist both new and experienced philanthropic stakeholders.

How we work

We offer a range of services that empower philanthropists with the actionable information to make impactful philanthropic investment in research. These offerings include private R&D education sessions, disease landscapes to identify funding gaps and unmet needs, evaluation of investment opportunities. We assemble world-renowned scientific advisory groups to ensure our resources are on point and transformative.

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Our impact

PAS engagements have led to:

  •  new clinical trial options for patients with glioblastoma multiforme
  • large scale genetic sequencing to identify new targets for advanced colorectal cancer
  • an accelerated plan to adapt immunotherapy strategies in melanoma to other cancers
  • new research collaborations and international partnerships




Private Medical R&D Education Sessions

PAS hosts private sessions with experienced and emerging philanthropists to orient them to the medical R&D process and ecosystem, different models for medical research philanthropy, and the Giving Smarter framework.

Disease Landscape Reports

Disease landscape reports highlight the promising research efforts, while identifying critical funding gaps that need to be filled to advance new treatments.These reports are developed with input from expert-led Scientific Advisory Boards who are on the front lines of developing new therapies. (See "Archived Reports" in the sidebar on the right)

Evaluation of Investment Opportunities

PAS can identify, profile, and evaluate nonprofit research players using our PAS Giving Smarter metric framework. These profiles are used to assess organizations across a variety of key metrics, including organizational management, financial management, and research impact. We leverage expert input to ensure projects are aligned with the needs of the field, and have the potential to accelerate therapy development.

Assembly of World-Renowned Scientific Advisors

Through our network of world-renowned scientists and researchers, PAS provides scientific input and analysis on specific philanthropic opportunities, including managing the review of a targeted request for proposals or convening an expert-led Scientific Advisory Board to identify high-impact projects or unmet research needs.