Collaboration 2.0

Science is increasingly complex and requires cross-sector, multi-disciplinary collaboration to make progress. FasterCures champions efficient and effective collaborations in biomedical R&D that bring together diverse partners with a shared goal.

The Collaboration 2.0 program aims to tackle the ever-increasing complexity of medical innovation through a biomedical R&D ecosystem that routinely harnesses collective power and shares knowledge and experiences among diverse stakeholders.

We do this by:

  • enhancing efficient and effective R&D collaboration through sharing and generating resources
  • catalyzing collaboration by providing platforms for multi-sector interaction

We have advanced cross-sector collaboration by:

  • hosting the Partnering for Cures meeting annually since 2009, a unique platform for facilitating cross-sector collaborations
  • advancing venture philanthropy through The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network, which convenes nearly 100 forward-thinking foundations to learn from each other and share their novel solutions with the rest of the medical research system
  • publishing the first analysis of cross-sector consortia in R&D, which led to the creation of the Consortia-pedia Catalogue that includes profiles and contact information on more than 400 research consortia to facilitate collaboration
  • building relationships between universities and foundations by working with stakeholders from both sectors to develop resources designed to streamline the overall technology transfer process and, by extension, the research process

Initiatives include:

  • Consortia-pedia: a project to better understand how consortia have effectively brought together partners with a shared R&D goal
  • Partnering for Cures: a meeting that connects hundreds of decision-makers from across diseases
  • The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network (TRAIN): a program that convenes dozens of venture philanthropies to learn from each other and share their novel solutions with the rest of the medical research system
  • University-Foundation Relations: a program that builds relationships and bridges gaps in understanding between academic research institutions and patient foundations