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But that’s the way we’ve always done it! Changing organizational culture in medical R&D


Many of the behaviors slowing faster progress in the discovery and development of new medical products are things that organizations everywhere have been confronting for decades, if not centuries – lack of effective communication and collaboration, silo-ization of information and expertise, incentives not aligned with the collective behaviors we want to see. What can the biomedical R&D ecosystem learn from the vast literature and learnings from outside the space about how to change organizational culture and behavior to build a more effective, efficient enterprise?

Speakers include: 

  • Riley Ennis, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Freenome
  • Richard Hamermesh, Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School
  • Lyric Jorgenson, Deputy Director, Office of Science Policy, National Institutes of Health
  • Margaret Anderson, Executive Director, FasterCures, a center of the Milken Institute (moderator)