About FasterCures

FasterCures, a center of the Milken Institute, is an action tank, determined to remove barriers to medical progress. We have only one goal: to save lives by speeding up and improving the medical research system.



At nearly 15 years and $1 Billion to bring ONE new therapy from lab to market, the current system is failing us. To fix it, we need patients as partners -- participating in research and shaping the process. FasterCures works to bring efficiency to biomedical R&D by identifying and eliminating the roadblocks that slow progress, and paving a path of meaningful engagement between patients and every sector of the research enterprise. 


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Too often in medical research knowledge and data are pursued in parallel, with sectors working in complete silos, wasting time and resources. We bring together leaders from across all sectors and diseases to find nontraditional partners who can help them get things done, pooling human and financial capital to address common challenges. Big, transformative ideas in medical research are coming from small but mighty disease research foundations. The way they fund and find R&D are bucking traditional processes and accelerating medical progress for patients. We find and share the most innovative tools and practices of venture philanthropy so that all patients can benefit. Scientific knowledge has never been greater, but antiquated systems aren’t keeping up with the pace of innovation.  We work to cultivate a policy environment that is efficient, cost effective and patient-driven by creating unbiased, analytical assessments of some of R&Ds most thorny issues – from benefit risk, to value and coverage, to intellectual property – providing a roadmap for action. Smarter giving strategies are needed to make relatively high-risk investments that could significantly accelerate research. We provide comprehensive, digestible information that helps philanthropists and investors evaluate research efforts and funding opportunities in various disease areas.



Our programs seek to objectively determine what's working and what isn't across the research ecosystem, and share that knowledge so that every sector - and every patient - can benefit. View FasterCures Programs »


Here are 10 examples of how FasterCures is saving lives by saving time. View FasterCures Impact >>


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