FasterCures: Our Name. Our Mission.

FasterCures, a DC-based center of the Milken Institute, is driven by a singular goal – to save lives by speeding up and improving the medical research system.

Consider that there are more than 10,000 known diseases affecting our world today; we have viable treatments for only 500 of them. The system is complex, inefficient, and underfunded. That’s where FasterCures comes in.

We focus on cutting through the roadblocks that slow medical progress by spurring cross-sector collaboration, cultivating a culture of innovation and engaging patients as partners. Brochure »

Our Work

FasterCures works across sectors and diseases to accelerate the process by which great advances in science and technology are turned into meaningful medical solutions for patients. Our programs identify what’s working and what isn’t across the research ecosystem, and share that knowledge so that every sector – and every patient – can benefit. More »