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Nonprofits play a unique, outsized role in accelerating medical progress. View leadership insights on this trend and learn more about venture philanthropy

Honest Brokers for Cures


We have to "streamline the processes without causing risk to patients." - Representative Diana DeGette, House Energy and Commerce Committee

P4C2014: The Future of U.S. Research Leadership

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"Everyone can do something. Insist that we increase funding at the NIH, participate in clinical trials, donate to research, we're all in this together." - Debra Black, Founder, Melanoma Research Alliance

P4C2014: The Perfect Storm

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"The only way [this] type of innovation will ever come to life is the colliding of industries," - Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelez

P4C2014: The Future of Medical Innovation: Beyond Our Wildest Dreams?